Donald Wilkinson

About me


 My  work is mainly landscape based, I spend a great deal of time working on the spot often returning to the same location over a long period  watching changes that the weather and the season have on particular places that have become familiar to me.  When I begin working in a chosen piece of landscape I spend time looking, trying to understand the essence of the place.   I make drawings in a sketchbook as I walk through the landscape as well as more complete drawings, working very quickly. For me the important thing is to strive to express the elusiveness of the light on the land or water.

When back in the studio I spread out the drawings and watercolours and away from the motif ideas begin to develop. For the last few years I have been making monoprints, I enjoy the directness of the medium, the way one can work quickly and can respond to unexpected happenings on the paper. I quite often use large sheets of paper which allows me to make free marks using pads of cotton rag, ends of brushes and occasionally my fingers.

There is more about Donald Wilkinson on the British Council website


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